Shinta Mani Wild- Bensley Collection, Southern Cardamom National Park, Cambodia

Set to open in 2018 (Q3) Shinta Mani Wild will be the second member of The Bensley Collection. An exclusive private nature sanctuary like no other previously seen in Asia, located in the remote wilderness of Tmor Rung, on an important elephant migration trail two hours south of Phnom Penh, Shinta Mani Wild – The Bensley Collection is described by Bensley as a “utopia of sustainability”. Offering the most extravagant tented camps imaginable, set along a private 4km stretch of wild river punctuated with mesmerising waterfalls, Shinta Mani Wild will nurture its natural environment through partnerships with respected conservation organisations - an extreme exercise in ingenuity where guests can feast on delicacies grown and foraged from the surrounding land, and encounter extraordinary wildlife, while making the lowest possible impact on the land. This is an experiential luxury adventure giving intimate access to one of Asia’s most stunning forest ecosystems.
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